Salehoo Success Stories


Shopping online is the norm nowadays. For a lot of people creating an online store may be a good source of income that is steady or even retirement funds. If you own or had a “real world” store, this could be their opportunity to grow their business or to stay ahead of the times.

But, the idea of putting up a store from scratch can be quite daunting. A lot of questions can run in your mind. How much will it cost? Where do I locate a vendor? Where can I keep them?

Although they are all valid questions, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any alternative solutions.

That’s where services like Salehoo are available.


For those of you who prefer a more visual experience, here is a video review from Online Verve’s YouTube channel. To get a comprehensive overview of Salehoo, you may still want to check out our article below.

Overview: Saleh-what Now? Salehoo Success Stories

Salehoo is basically an wholesale and dropshipping directory. This means that they offer sellers a listing of vetted supplies and connect them with each other in order to do business. With the assistance of Salehoo online store owners can locate suppliers that provide them with a constant supply of the item is they’re selling.

Salehoo’s list of suppliers is available all over the globe. All the way from China to Australia as well as across the United States to across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, if you are looking for an individual supplier you are likely to find Salehoo has a supplier in that area. This is a good result for a small firm located in Middle Earth.

Yes. Salehoo is an New Zealand based company. It was started by two entrepreneur friends: Simon Slade and Mark Ling. Slade, who was selling stuff on a local online auction site, was bombarded with questions as to how and where he found his suppliers, and who his suppliers were. In response to these queries, he realized the growing potential of an online directory of suppliers.

Together with Ling they co-founded Salehoo and, without their unwavering commitment, Salehoo would not be present today. As time passed, the services of Salehoo have only improved and it has even become the best directory for looking at dropshipping suppliers from around the world.

All About Dropshipping

For those not in the aware, dropshipping is an option for online sellers to sell products to customers from the suppliers without them touching the product.

In a way, when the customer purchases through an online retailer, there will be the possibility that the store doesn’t come into contact with the product being sold. The item is shipped from the supplier to the buyer directly.

This generally eliminates a lot of aspects. For instance, an online retailer doesn’t have to maintain inventory of the items. This means that overhead costs can be reduced to a minimum.

With dropshipping, the owner of the business can run his business from anywhere they are in the event that there’s a laptop that is wired to the internet.

Salehoo Services

Salehoo is primarily an online directory of suppliers. Although they provide customers with information on where to buy the products that they need and want, Salehoo themselves do not sell their own products. What they sell are their services.

In the context of being operating for more than 20 years now it’s only natural for their range of services to increase. A few of them we will be discussing below.

Dropship Suppliers

Online entrepreneurs this characteristic is the basis of the services offered by Salehoo. Customers who take advantage of these services have access to over 1000 dropship companies who are carefully reviewed by Salehoo.

Customers who avail of this service can be sure that whoever they contact from this list will not be a shady person.

This is in comparison to other dropship retailers who don’t have access to services like Salehoo. They are more prone to being scammed than the average consumer.

In this directory, buyers will find plenty of information about the suppliers. This can include but are not only:

  • Contact Information
  • Product Variety
  • Good quality products
  • Customer Service reviewers
  • Their shipping locations
  • Their preferred method of shipment

Salehoo Success Stories

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For dropshipping firms, salehoo will provide suppliers for most common categories and products, from fashion items like clothing and accessories to the cool stuff like toys and gadgets and also exotic goods such as antiques. Salehoo Success Stories

Wholesale Suppliers

Everyone is talking about dropship providers, it does not mean that Salehoo doesn’t provide a directory of wholesale suppliers. These suppliers are just as meticulously and heavily scrutinized by the company as those of the dropship ones. 

In reality, Salehoo’s list of vetted wholesale suppliers are more than that of their dropship list. They have eight thousand (8000)

Just as with the dropship suppliers this list will provide you with a lot of necessary information

Wholesale products from these suppliers are sold at their true wholesale value. This means that there could be no additional fees you are required to pay Salehoo. In the end, it’s just the list of suppliers that you purchased, not the products.

Salehoo offers wholesalers from a variety of products like Lego, Adidas, Sony, 3m and even Disney. With the suppliers listed on Salehoo’s list, you can rest assured that what you purchase is authentic

Both these list of wholesalers and dropshippers are what comprises Salehoo Directory. Salehoo Directory. Salehoo Success Stories

Market Research and Market Research Labs.

Market research is a crucial aspect if someone wants to run a successful business. In order to remain competitive, a retailer must know what they should sell and how much.

Potential retailers, or those looking to expand their business using other products, looking for what products to market can be a challenge.

In the majority of cases finding a niche to fill in the market is the most common way to go. But, even so it could take some trial and error to identify this specific niche. Salehoo’s market research and research labs eliminate the need for this trial and trial and.

In looking for a niche, while it is natural to search for products based on instinct, oftentimes that leads to incorrect decision-making. What they should consider is pure and unbiased data.

With Salehoo monitoring around 1.6 million products found in their directory This information is available to the customers, and it is their responsibility to take advantage of this information.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the information you receive will depend on where you are as well as your currency so there can be slight differences here and there. However their price estimates have been very accurate overall.

The data is processed in four ways within the service. This includes:

  • Product type
  • Sell rate
  • Competition
  • Average cost

Salehoo Dropship

Now you might ask, Salehoo dropship? Did you not mention that Salehoo is only a directory and therefore does not offer products? What exactly is Salehoo Dropship?

Sure, Salehoo is still an online directory of suppliers. Salehoo dropship is not a sign that Salehoo has become its own retail store. Salehoo dropship is the latest tool Salehoo provides to Shopify owners.

This automation tool basically incorporates Salehoo to the Shopify environment.

The days are gone when you spend your precious time looking through product catalogs of suppliers. This tool will make your life easier. Shopify store owners will have their lives simplified.


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This tool lets them gain access to the previously mentioned list of Salehoo’s 1000 vetted dropship companies and, just a click away and display their chosen products on your Shopify website or store. However, of course the cost of these products will still be at the discretion of the store owner.

This can save a lot of time, which can then be used for market research or even simply for some free time. Salehoo Success Stories

Training Guides

To be honest, the most surprising thing about salehoo are their guides to training. They provide full training guides which have lots to be related to running an online retail shop.

Why is this surprising, you might ask? Well it is because of the depth of these guides. These guides provide instructions on how to sell your merchandise on various online stores, like eBay as well as Amazon.

They even offer guides on how to set up your online shop. Instructions on how to register your business, tax laws, and even guides on how to import into different countries. They have it all covered.

It’s among the top bonuses the service could offer.

Customer Service and Support

In the case of matters dealing with trade, business, and money. It is crucial that a website has responsive and helpful customer service.

The customer support at Salehoo is just like the one at. At least, according to the majority of online discussions about their support for customers.

Based on their operational hours of 5:45 p.m. to 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. If you encounter any issues you need to contact them through live chat via email or through phone from Monday to Friday around these times.

Their Twitter and Facebook pages can be used for customer service if you prefer making use of these channels.

However, this doesn’t mean that their customer service is already excellent. There’s always room to be improved upon.

One such thing could be expanding their customers’ support times on the weekend to allow people who can only manage their online business during that time the chance to call whenever they help is needed. Salehoo Success Stories

Another option is to provide customer service help in looking for products that are not listed in the event that they are not listed. Just like how Worldwide Brands, another wholesale and dropshipping directory.

Overall, though Salehoo’s client support and service are doing a good job, they can still improve their services. Of course, these improvements should be done without sacrificing the quality of their service.


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The services offered by Salehoo are for purchase at a low cost of $67 per one year access. It gives you access to the complete Salehoo Supplier Directory, both dropshipping and wholesale. It also includes the aforementioned Market Research Labs, personal email support, and access to the forum for members.

If after the first year you are happy you are satisfied with your service. You can choose to renew your subscription, or get Lifetime access for $127. This is the more well-known option of the two.

These prices are a bargain in comparison to other directory services.

But, we cannot negate the possibility that you won’t fit with how Salehoo’s services are. In that case, Salehoo offers a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s as simple simply as sending an email up to 60 days from the date you bought the service.

Also new to their service is their 7 day trial for $1. If you just want to test the waters of the service but not completely in, you can try the trial for 7 days and have access to their wholesale database and labs for just $1.


An easy and quick method of determining whether the Salehoo service is right for you is to examine the pros and cons. Although it’s not a replacement for actual experience on the product, it is nonetheless important to have a heads-up of what you are paying for and what their potential problems could be. Salehoo Success Stories


  • Excellent Customer Service: Customers who have been contact with Salehoo’s customer service appear to have nothing bad to say to them. The availability of the company’s customer service allows customers to reach them whenever they’re required to. This is a valuable benefit for those who are just beginning with online shopping.
  • Multiple Brands and Diverse Brands: Salehoo has supplies from numerous brands. This includes Lego, Samsung, Levi’s, Disney among others. You can purchase items from the most famous names and also some special ones.
  • Suppliers You Can Rely on: Salehoo makes sure that they only have the best and most trusted suppliers in their directory. By undergoing a rigorous process of vetting they can ensure that the place they purchase their supplies can be trusted. This is the case if you choose one from Salehoo’s directory.
  • Beginner Friendly Training Beginner Friendly Training Salehoo has an impressive training space. The guides they offer to customers who pay complete and as helpful as they can get. Certain of these guides dealt with problems that would so often appear on their forums for community members.
  • Hidden Fees = No: Salehoo itself is cheap and accessible, with a price of just $67 for a year’s subscription. The only thing users have to be concerned about is fees to apply that the company itself charges, but that’s between the client and the provider.
  • Money-back Guaranteed Service: Salehoo assures that they will provide a quality service. As such, they provide a 60-day money back guarantee to those who feel they did not make the right choice. This is a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Low Required Minimum Orders Suppliers of Salehoo require just low minimum orders. This is particularly beneficial for wholesale stores that don’t have enough inventory or who are only testing the waters.
  • Informative and thorough Market Research Market research by Salehoo is among the top available. With reliable information about prices, market trends, and the like it is certain that you have everything you need to move forward in your choice.


  • Can Be Difficult to Use If you are brand new to online shopping the information provided by Salehoo, although extremely helpful, can be intimidating to some. This is especially true in the event that the buyer does not know what some terms mean and what some measures are used for.
  • Market fees that are unavoidable: The majority of online retailing these days usually happens in the bigger websites such as Ebay and Amazon and this includes Salehoo users. The fees charged by these marketplaces can be costly and reduce profit margins.
  • Less Branding Opportunities Branding Opportunities: This is something wholesalers in general have a problem with. Dropshipping and wholesaling only permit you to sell the products of other companies. As such, unless you make sure you are doing your homework you will have little chance for your business to expand. This results in most customers using marketplaces and third-party websites to sell their products.
  • More Products, but fewer compared to the competition: 1.6 million is not an unimportant amount. For an online retailer it could be a bit too small of a number. Some stores have even more than triple this.
  • There is no existing location-based search Location-based search for suppliers is extremely questionable and mildly annoying at most. For online retailers it can be a huge problem as the majority of customers want new and quick access to the suppliers. Furthermore, this can be the bottleneck that can end the entire operation of an online store


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Last Words

Overall, Salehoo is a good option to begin with if you are just finding your way around ecommerce. They have a wide range of features that are extremely useful to those who are familiar with online shopping, as well as for beginners. Salehoo Success Stories

The Market Research tool, while highly comprehensive and robust, can be intimidating to newcomers. However, this could be corrected by free guides and training courses which are offered whenever you avail of the services.

As for their directories, while they have smaller suppliers than their competition (1000 for dropshipping and 8000 for wholesalers), these suppliers can at least all be confirmed by their vetting procedure.

The salehoo price is also great. The annual price of $67 has plenty to offer and their lifetime access price is also affordable.

If you’re satisfied with Salehoo’s services and are sure to use the service for a long period of time, then the price of $127 seems to be a less costly and better option than paying the yearly fee.

This is of course only applicable when you’re serious in pursuing the world of e-commerce. If not, it’s more beneficial to search for stuff yourself.

FAQs Salehoo Success Stories

Do I need to buy Salehoo?

The answer is entirely up to you.

If you’re interested in making a career out of eCommerce or if you just are interested in trying dropshipping as a side hustle using Salehoo’s services, then they can be a great option for you to use. Directories and market research from Salehoo will help you identify the perfect niche to begin with.

However, if you are not committed to your venture, you’ll only waste your money. Making a successful online store requires lots of effort and dedication. There are plenty of testimonies on Salehoo’s pages that offer reviews of the benefits Salehoo is, the people also dedicated a lot of their time in getting to where they are now.

Does Salehoo provide a trial?

Salehoo doesn’t offer the option of a trial period for free. They have a cheap trial period.

While Salehoo offers a pretty affordable cost and a 100% refund to customers who are not satisfied, it also offers seven-day trial options for the cost of just $1. Although it’s not completely free, but it is nonetheless a fair price to test out the product.

Are Salehoo Compatible with Shopify?

Yes, Salehoo works with Shopify using Salehoo dropshipping.

Salehoo Dropshipping is the latest service provided by Salehoo integrates Shopify. It’s not difficult to set up. Once you’ve done that, you can display these products in your Shopify website with the press of several buttons.

Is Salehoo a scam?

No, Salehoo is not a scam..

Salehoo is an BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A. With this, customers can rest sure that Salehoo will:

  • Response to complaints of customers as quickly as possible
  • Follow the BBB code of advertising
  • Dissolve any disputes between the company and customers

Salehoo also offers an unconditional money-back guarantee. Customers who are not satisfied with the service can wait at minimum 60 days to request for an entire refund of their membership.


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Within the 60-day period all customers who pay are granted unlimited access to their supplier list, Market Research Lab, and their guides and training materials.

Customer service from Salehoo is an example of how reliable they are. With a customer service team who responds promptly and quickly the company ensures their customers get what they get for their money.

How can I reach Salehoo customer service?

The customer service of Salehoo is contactable via live chat on their website.

They can also be reached through their email at They can also be reached via their twitter and facebook accounts for very quick support.

They also have a toll free number of (888) 881-8703. For US customers they can try calling (213) 839-6836.

For customers located in Canada they may try calling at +1 647 846 8912

They are available Monday to Friday from 5:15 p.m. until 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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