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Online shopping has become the norm these days. For many who own an online store, it may be a good source of income that is steady or even retirement funds. If you own or had a “real real world” store it could be a opportunity to grow their business, or simply to get in with the current trends.

The thought of putting up a store from scratch can be very intimidating. Many questions will run in your mind. How much does it cost? Where do I find a source? Where can I store them?

While these are all valid questions it does not mean that there aren’t any alternative solutions.

That’s where services like Salehoo can help.


For those of you who prefer a more visual experience, here is a video review from Online Verve’s YouTube channel. To get a comprehensive overview of Salehoo, you may still want to check out our article below.

Overview: Saleh-what Now? Salehoo Per Day Limit

Salehoo is a wholesale and dropshipping directory. What this means is that they give sellers a list of approved supplies and connect them with each with the intention of doing business. With the assistance of Salehoo, online store owners can find suppliers that will ensure a steady supply of goods and stocks of the item is that they’re selling.

The suppliers listed on Salehoo’s list can be found all over the world. From China to Australia as well as across the United States to across the ocean in the United Kingdom, if you are looking for an individual supplier, chances are Salehoo has a supplier in that area. Not bad for a small firm that is based in Middle Earth.

Yes. Salehoo is an New Zealand based company. It was created by two business two of their friends: Simon Slade and Mark Ling. Slade who was selling stuff on an online auction site, was bombarded with inquiries about where he found his suppliers and who the suppliers were. Because of these inquiries, he realized the growing potential of online a directory for suppliers.

Together with Ling together, they created Salehoo and without their constant commitment to the company, Salehoo would not be present today. With age, Salehoo’s services were only getting better, even becoming one of the most reliable directories for looking at dropshipping suppliers from around the globe.

All About Dropshipping

For those who aren’t in the in the dropshipping is a method for online retailers to offer products directly from suppliers, without having to touch the product.

In this way, when customers purchase at an online store there is an opportunity that the store does not even come into contact with the product being sold. The item is shipped from the vendor to the buyer in a direct manner.

This basically eliminates a lot of things. One of them is that an online retailer doesn’t need to keep inventory of the products. That means overhead expenses can be reduced to a minimum.

Dropshipping allows the business owner can operate his shop whenever and wherever they want, in the event that there’s an internet connection and a laptop wired to the internet.

Salehoo Services

Salehoo is, first and foremost, an online directory of suppliers. Although they provide customers with information on where to buy the products that they need and want, Salehoo themselves do not sell their own products. They sell services.

In the context of being operating for more than 20 years now it’s normal for their array of services to expand. We will be discussing in the following paragraphs.

Dropship Suppliers

Online entrepreneurs this aspect is the core of the services offered by Salehoo. Customers who avail of these services have access to a variety of dropship providers which are carefully scrutinized by Salehoo.

Anyone who uses this service will be confident that anyone they get in touch with from this list will not be someone who is not trustworthy.

This is in comparison to other dropship companies that do not avail of services such as Salehoo. They are more vulnerable to be scammed than the average customer.

Through this directory, customers can find a lot of information on the suppliers. This can include but are not only:

  • Contact Information
  • Product Variety
  • Good quality products
  • Reviewers of Customer Service
  • Their Shipping Locations
  • Their preferred method of shipping

Salehoo Per Day Limit

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For dropshipping companies, salehoo can offer suppliers for the most popular products and categories from fashion items like clothing and accessories, to cool gadgets and toys and even exotic items like antiques. Salehoo Per Day Limit

Wholesale Suppliers

Although everyone is raving about dropship providers, it does not mean that Salehoo doesn’t provide a directory of wholesale suppliers. These suppliers are just thoroughly and rigorously scrutinized by the company as those of the dropship ones. 

In actuality, the list of Salehoo’s of wholesalers vetted is higher than their dropship list. They have 8000 (8000)

Like the dropship suppliers the list of dropship suppliers can give you a wealth of necessary information

Wholesale products from these suppliers are sold at their true wholesale price. That means that there is no additional fees you have to pay to Salehoo. In the end, it’s just that list of providers that you have paid for, not the items.

Salehoo offers wholesale suppliers for a variety of brands including Lego, Adidas, Sony, 3m and even Disney. With Salehoo’s list of suppliers you are sure that what you receive is genuine

The dropship and wholesale suppliers are what comprises the Salehoo Directory. Salehoo Per Day Limit

Market Research and Market Research Labs.

Market research is an important aspect if someone wants to succeed in running a business. To remain in the game, retailers need to know what they should sell and for how much.

For potential retailers or for those who are looking to extend their business with other products, figuring out the right products to sell can be challenging to determine.

In the majority of cases finding an area of interest to fill the market is typically the solution. But, even so, it might take trial and error to find this particular market. Salehoo’s market research and market research labs eliminate the need for this trial and error.

In looking for a specific niche, it is natural to look for products that appeal to our instincts which often leads to wrong decisions. What you should be looking at is pure and unbiased data.

With Salehoo tracking about 1.6 million products in their directory This information is available to the customers, and it is up to them to make use of this information.

It is vital to remember that the information you receive will depend on your location as well as your currency , therefore there may be slight differences between the two. But their estimates of price are very accurate in general.

The data is filtering in four different ways through the service. These include:

  • Type of product
  • Sell rate
  • Competition
  • Average cost

Salehoo Dropship

Now you might ask, Salehoo dropship? Didn’t you know that Salehoo is only an online directory and does not offer products? So what exactly is Salehoo Dropship?

It is true that Salehoo is still an online supplier directory. Salehoo dropship is not a sign that Salehoo has become the retailer of their own. Salehoo dropship is the new tool that Salehoo has for shopify owners.

This tool automates the process of integrating Salehoo into the Shopify environment.

The days are gone when you use your valuable time scouring through catalogues of products from suppliers. With this software. Shopify store owners have their lives simplified.


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The tool allows them to get access to the aforementioned list of Salehoo’s 1000 verified dropship providers and, just a click away and display their chosen products on your Shopify website or store. However, of course the cost of these products will still be at the discretion of the store’s owner.

This saves a lot of time that can be used to conduct market research, or just to take free time. Salehoo Per Day Limit

Training Guides

In all honesty, the most surprising aspect of salehoo is their guides for training. They offer full-length training guides which have lots to be related to running an online retail shop.

Why is it surprising you might ask? This is because of how comprehensive these guides are. These guides provide instructions on how to post your merchandise on multiple online stores like eBay and Amazon.

They also provide guides on how to set up your online store. Guides like on how to create a business registration, tax laws, as well as guides on how to import into different countries, they have it all covered.

It’s among the top benefits that the service can offer.

Customer Support and Service

In the case of things to do with trade, business, and money. It is important for websites to provide responsive and helpful customer service.

The customer service at Salehoo is similar to that. At least, according to the majority of online discussions about their customer support.

If you look at their hours of operation of 5:45 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. If you encounter any issues, you can contact them through live chat via email or via phone from Monday to Friday around these times.

Their Facebook and Twitter pages can be used for customer service, if you would prefer making use of these channels.

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean their service to customers is perfect. There is always an area to improve.

One such thing could be expanding their customers’ support hours during the weekend to give those who only manage their online business during the weekend the opportunity to call whenever they help is needed. Salehoo Per Day Limit

Another would be to have the customer service assist in looking for products that are not listed in the event that they are not listed. Like Worldwide Brands, another wholesale and dropshipping directory, works.

Overall, while Salehoo’s customer service and support is excellent, they can still improve their services. Of course, these improvements are not to be done at the expense of the quality of their service.


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Salehoo’s services are available for a reasonable price of $67 per one year subscription. This provides access to entire Salehoo Supplier Directory, both wholesale and dropshipping. Also included are the Market Research Labs, personal email support, and access to a forum for members.

If for the first year you are satisfied you are satisfied with your service. You can either renew your subscription, or get life-long access to the service for just $127. This is the more popular choice between the two.

These prices are cheap when compared with other directory of suppliers services.

We can’t negate the chance for you to not be a good fit for the services offered by Salehoo. are. To address this, Salehoo offers a 60-day refund assurance. Accessing this is as easy simply as sending an email up to 60 days from when you purchased the product.

Another feature that is new to the service is their 7 day trial that costs $1. If you’re looking to try dipping your toes into the service and not plunge into the deep end, you can take a look at this trial and gain access to the wholesale catalog and labs for $1.


An easy and quick way to look at if the Salehoo service is suitable for you is to examine the advantages and disadvantages. Although it’s not a substitute for real experience on the service, it’s still important to get a heads-up of the services you pay for and what the possible problems are. Salehoo Per Day Limit


  • Good Customer Service: Those who have been in touch with Salehoo’s customer service seem to have nothing bad to say to them. The availability of the company’s customer service allows customers to contact them at any time they’re required to. This is a valuable benefit for those who are just beginning with online shopping.
  • Multiple Brands and Diverse Brands: Salehoo has supplies from numerous brands. It includes Lego, Samsung, Levi’s, Disney among others. You can purchase items from the most well-known brands along with some specific ones.
  • Suppliers You can You Trust: Salehoo makes sure that they only have the best and most reliable suppliers in their directory. With their stringent vetting process the customers are assured that whatever they purchase from their supplies can be trusted. This is the case if you choose one from the Salehoo directory.
  • Beginning Friendly Training – Salehoo offers a dazzling training section. The guides they have available to customers who pay extensive and useful as they could be. Some of these guides were problems that frequently be discussed on their forums for community members.
  • Hidden Fees = None: Salehoo itself is cheap and accessible, with a price of just $67 for a year’s worth of subscription. The only thing that customers need to be concerned about is fees to apply from the supplier themselves and that’s the responsibility of the customer and the supplier.
  • Money-back Guaranteed Service Salehoo assures that they will provide a quality service. They offer 60 days of money-back guarantee for those who think that they made the right choice. This is a full refund, no requirements asked.
  • Low Required Minimum Orders The suppliers of Salehoo need only minimal minimum orders. This is ideal for wholesale stores that don’t have a big enough inventory space or who are just trying out the waters.
  • Informative and Comprehensive Market Research: Salehoo’s market research is among the best in the industry. With reliable information about prices, market trends, and the like it is certain that you’ve got all the information you need to make a move with your decision.


  • It can be difficult to use: For people who are brand new to online shopping, Salehoo’s information, while extremely helpful, can be intimidating to people who aren’t familiar with the process. This is particularly true when the customer doesn’t know what some terms mean and what some metrics are for.
  • Market fees that are unavoidable: The majority of the online shopping is done on the larger marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon and this includes Salehoo users. Marketplace fees are costly and could be a drain on profit margins.
  • There are fewer branding opportunities: This is something that wholesalers with a majority of wholesalers be sceptical about. Dropshipping and wholesale only allow you to sell the products of other companies. In other words, unless you take your time it is very unlikely for your brand to grow. The result is that most customers are using third-party sites and marketplaces to sell their goods.
  • Fewer Amount of Products Compared to Competition: 1.6 million is not an unimportant number. But for an online supplier this could be a small number. Some retailers even have more than this.
  • There is no existing location-based search: The lack of location-based search of suppliers is problematic and somewhat frustrating at the very best. For online sellers this could be a major pain as the majority of customers want new and quick access to the suppliers. Additionally, it could be the source of bottlenecks that could end the entire operation of an online shop


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Last Words

In the end, Salehoo is a good service to start with if you’re still beginning to learn about e-commerce. They offer a lot of features that are very useful for those who are already familiar with the e-commerce process and for people who are just beginning. Salehoo Per Day Limit

They have a Market Research tool, while highly comprehensive and robust however, it can be intimidating for beginners. But, this is remedied by the free guides and training courses which are offered whenever you avail of the services.

For their directories, even though they have smaller suppliers than their competition (1000 for dropshipping and 8000 for wholesalers) These suppliers can be trusted through their vetting process.

The salehoo price is also very good. The annual cost of $67 has a lot to offer, and the lifetime access price is also very affordable.

If you are happy with Salehoo’s service and are certain to continue using them for a longer period of time, the $127 price is a much less expensive and more affordable option than the yearly cost.

Of course this only applies only if you are seriously interested in getting into online shopping. In other cases, it’s better to Google stuff yourself.

FAQs Salehoo Per Day Limit

Should I buy Salehoo?

The decision is completely dependent on you.

If you are serious in making a career out of eCommerce or if you just are interested in trying droppingshipping as a side business using Salehoo’s services, then they can be a great tool for you to have. Directories and market research from Salehoo can help you find the right niche to begin with.

But, if you’re not serious about your venture, you’ll just be wasting your money. The process of creating a professional online store requires lots of effort and dedication. While there are testimonies in Salehoo’s website that provide testimonials of how beneficial Salehoo is, these people also dedicated a lot of their time to reaching where they are today.

Does Salehoo provide a trial period?

Salehoo does not have a free trial period. They have a cheap trial period.

Although Salehoo offers a pretty affordable cost and a 100% refund for unsatisfied customers and offers seven days of trial at the cost of just $1. Although it’s not completely free, but it’s still a cheap cost to try out the service.

Are Salehoo compatible with Shopify?

It is true that Salehoo is compatible with Shopify using Salehoo dropshipping.

Salehoo dropshipping, the newest service provided by Salehoo integrates Shopify. It is not that difficult to setup. Once done, you can showcase these items on your Shopify webpage at the touch of a few buttons.

Is Salehoo a scam?

No, Salehoo is not a scam..

Salehoo has an BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A. Customers can rest sure they will be able to trust that Salehoo will:

  • Response to complaints of customers as quickly as you can
  • Follow the BBB code of advertising
  • Any disagreements that arise between the business and its customers

Salehoo also provides the option of a money-back guarantee. Customers who are not satisfied with the service can wait at least 60 days to apply for a full refund for their subscription.


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In the next 60 days all customers who pay can access the supplier database, Market Research Lab, along with their guides and training resources.

Customer service from Salehoo is an example of how reliable they are. With a dedicated customer service who replies fast and timely the company ensures their customers get the best service they get for their money.

Where can I get in touch with Salehoo customer service?

Salehoo’s customer service can be reached via live chat on their website.

They can also be reached through their email at They can also be reached via their twitter and facebook accounts for fast support.

They also have a toll-free number: (888) 881-8703. For US customers they can make an attempt to call (213) 839-6836.

For those who reside in Canada you can contact them through +1 647 846 8912

They are open Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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